July 24, 2017

Mailing Solutions

Pro Mail Hosting

XEON QUAD CORE Servers * Starts at Rs 5000 p.a

High end servers at cheaper rates
99.9% uptime guaranteed
24 hours email support
Cost effective email hosting plans

Specially designed for email hosting clients looking for inexpensive mailing solutions but reliable and secured server with real time support.

Biz Mail Hosting

XEON QUAD CORE Servers * Starts at Rs 20000 p.a

Unlimited Sub Domains
Email upto 10 MB files in attachments
Built in Anti – Virus & Anti – Spam filters
Unlimited Mail Box Quota

Specially designed for email hosting clients looking for premium technical support, spam free, highly secured business email hosting.

Creative Email Hosting Standard Features:

Web Mail Interface and POP 3 Accounts
Send, Receive, Reply, Reply to All Options
Create, Delete, and Manage Folders
Your personal address book to store mail addresses
Store sent and received mail (Enhanced Mailbox sizes of 10 MB, 20 MB)
Personalize your mail, with Signatures, Return Addresses, and Auto Respond
Send and receive attachments limited only by the size of the disk space that you choose send and receive HTML messages

Email Hosting Privacy Features:

Password Changes
Auto responders and Forwarding
Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing Mail)
Protection from Mass Mailing Worms

Anti SPAM Email Hosting Features :

Automatically block unwanted spam from all the latest known spam sources, thereby eliminating the need to have a separate blocking option.
Configurable RBL based SPAM Filters
Configurable Heuristic SPAM Filters
Configurable Block Lists
Configurable Blacklists / Whitelists

Creative Email hosting services benefits and advantages

Control through Web based Administration
Convenience of accessing your mail from anywhere in the world
Multiple locations same domain name for all employees employeename@companyname.com) at no extra cost.
Cost effective and customizable e-mail solutions
Quick Deployment
Accessibility, Reliability and Security