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November 27, 2015

Wireframe & Prototype Design

How important are Wireframes and prototypes while making a website?

Wireframes and Prototypes are one of the important elements while building your website. The graphics designed has the power to change over all look of the website with different text, videos, pictures and designing tools. The social media today revolves around the way the website is presented to the users.

Web Designing India offers different website building options that includes Custom website designing, Mobile friendly website and other varied web design Mumbai offering best look for building your websites. Lets understand the underlying nuances of Wireframes and how they are useful in building your websites.

Wireframes are the simple to understand black and white layouts displaying the overall design and size of each element on the web page. It consists of page elements, conversion areas, site features and the navigation pathway of the website. Wireframes purely concentrate on real design elements and is devoid of any other color, font, logos, etc. For a layman, you can simply state it is a blueprint of the overall design and structure of the website in the similar fashion an interior designer gets the designing structure of the house.

Advantages of using Wireframes and Prototypes:

  1. Wireframes display the architectural display of the website. It is one of the most basic concrete steps for building your website.

  2. Wireframes helps to display clarification of the complex website features.

  3. Wireframes allows to note the usability features of the website. It helps in showcasing the page layout.

  4. Wireframes helps when the website is content oriented, it helps to identify how the overall content growth be handled?

  5. Wireframes makes the overall designing process interactive, it helps to change the functions and designs in the initial stages rather than changing it at the end when the structure has been designed and coded.

Wireframes and prototypes are the cost effective solutions and are less time-consuming. Skipping the wire framing for the website may result in increased costs and prolonged time of development.