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What is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer begins when cells that make up the urinary bladder jump to grow out of control. As more cancerous tumors form, they can spread quickly through your body and cause devastating problems like difficulty breathing or retaining fluids (which could be life-threatening). The good news? There is always hope for those diagnosed with this Read more about What is Bladder Cancer?[…]

What Happens When You Have Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus is a condition where there’s an abnormal build-up of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) in the cavities and ventricles. The cause can be due to obstruction which prevents proper drainage for this collecting liquid, leading to it instead; however, we don’t always know why certain people develop these issues as they often do without warning signs Read more about What Happens When You Have Hydrocephalus?[…]