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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design are the websites having design interface that can display on any device platform. Responsive design creates website design interface which are mobile-friendly and easily viewable on multi-devices without creating any difficulty in browsing experience.

While major internet browsing is growing more and more over our mobile devices, search engine prefer websites which are responsive in nature. We had to break traditional ways of making websites, where user interface on mobile devices was same as that of desktop version of visible to mobile users. And undergoing various changes was the need of the hour. So introducing style-sheets which are able to create responsive designs were designed, which is now recognized as an important factor by search engines when ranking your page on web search.

Now there are many frameworks that are available for creating designs which help web designers to create responsive web designs as per the requirements. These framework are guidelines for designing standards which can be availed by calling their library files on your website page.

W3Schools provides these designing guidelines as a part of responsive website designing standards. The best framework used and recognized is Bootstrap which is developed by Twitter. It is a framework which can be used to make the web designing for responsive designs without much programming, with minimum of prerequisite of HTML and CSS.

Website designing can sometimes become a tedious task when you want to have to achieve  of designs across devices.