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WordPress Blog customization Company in India

WordPress Development is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL which can also be used for basic content management system. It has many features including a user-friendly workflow, a rich plugin architecture, web standard, usability and an advanced templating system.

If you are looking for a wordpress development? Web Designing India is perfect place for you that we offer user friendly WordPress framework based websites.

We will provide you a professional WordPress based blog application to make your corporate, business or personal thoughts published online. We will install WordPress in your server and assist you in getting a customized web blog application which is integrated with your existing site design. We can simplify WordPress and provide necessary blog Administration panel to you, to start your own business blog. We can also support you in making your blog SEO friendly.

Blog Site design - Web Designing India

Would you like your blog to generate revenue? We can also serve you by integrating Yahoo! and Google Ad-word campaigns, and also submit it to Blog directories and offer RSS syndication to bring more visitors to your blog.

WordPress CMS development Company in India

Do you want a site that has a seasoned CMS to manage your content effortlessly? WordPress could be the right choice.

WordPress Development India will install and configure WordPress as a CMS. You will get a professional Admin panel to manage your pages, content and META data for SEO. We are experienced in integrating third-party WordPress modules (plug-ins) such as SEO,visual editors, Multilanguage capability, photo gallery, File upload, site statistics, SEO friendly URLs, etc.

We also develop custom WordPress plug-ins or customize any third party plug-ins to enrich your CMS driven site with features. Your site will be have a seamless integration with the design, and you get an exclusive, SEO friendly, fast-loading site with an easy to use Content Management System.

WordPress Templates/Theme creation Company in India

We create professional WordPress themes, including completely custom WordPress design templates, that will comply with WordPress theme design guidelines. We can integrate these into your WordPress blog or CMS site.

WordPress with WordPress Development India Advantages

Quick turnaround time. As soon as your design is approved, our expert WordPress programmers can make your site’s Beta will be ready within 3 days and you will start loading the content.

High quality output – Your site is bug-free by default due to the nature of Opensource, and goes into an additional round of QA at WordPress Development India to make sure, you get the best output.
Exclusive sites – Your site would be written with a balanced combination of the power of Open source as well as custom coding. As a result, we can assure you that you will get an exclusive site, and not just another WordPress template.
Marketable – Your site would be SEO friendly. You, a professional SEO company or we can easily manage the keywords, descriptions etc. Our Expert SEO team, who are experienced in promoting WordPress based sites, will assist you in attaining ROI, provide you necessary statistics and consulting to improve.
Hosting – We can host your WordPress based site, or we will assist you in finding the right host. We can also host the application in your LAMP or Windows environment.

For the optimum utilization of unique open source Blog Publishing System in customized way

To flourish your online business activities in more productive way HiddenBrains provides you professional consultation to reap up online business advantages by using the WORDPRESS in customized way. Under our professional consulting we can assist you to bring out the dynamic features of WordPress by:

Easy installation without any hassles
How to optimize WordPress as CMS
WordPress hosting services

We believe that in such a hi-tech environment online businessmen should use all the available advantages scattered over internet which can be very productive if used under professional jurisdiction. Specialized WordPress professionals at HiddenBrains are able to understand the critical internet environment and render services for using WordPress and its features in a productive manner matching with your requirements, which can help your business to make strong presence. By using WordPress features power, an online businessman can deliver his personal business development thoughts and also can do integrated link management.

Web Designing India assures you for the best in following services:

WordPress CMS development

Web Designing India will help you to optimize the WordPress as CMS. Installation and configuration of WordPress with professional admin panel for management & control of content, pages as well as META data for SEO. Various third party modules can also be integrated like site statistics, photo gallery, visual editors, SEO friendly URLs Multilanguage capability, etc.

WordPress Blog Customization

Development of blog application for the publication of all writing stuff related to your online business for professional decent presence of your business over the net. Customization of your blog publication such as installation of WordPress on your server which will help you to get the SEO friendly blog application integrated with your site design as well as separate blog administration panel for starting your own business blog.

WordPress Templates/Theme creation

We create professionally designed WordPress themes; our WordPress professionals are able to install the themes and switched between them according to WordPress templating system.

Web Designing India offer wordpress development services as following:

WordPress Installation and configuration
WordPress New blog using WordPress framework
WordPress New CMS sites using WordPress framework
WordPress Plug-in / mmodules / components implementation, modification and development.
WordPress Multi user and Corporate Blogging
WordPress Custom theme development and Integration
WordPress Data Migration from other Platforms
WordPress theme customization
WordPress Programming
WordPress Custom Themes Development
WordPress Templates Design and Development
WordPress Plugin Development
WordPress CMS Development
WordPress Hosting DevelopmentWordpress Website Maintenance

Why WordPress:

Ease of Use
Faster implementation
Low Cost
Easier Maintenance
Easy Customization

Design Customization:

Templates are used to generate web pages dynamically. Content presentation can be control by editing of template. Editing of templates are done by template editor tools and other extensions.

Themes / Skins:

We can customize the look and feel with various theme templates and skin available. We can also create a customized template as per need and implement in WordPress.


There are various plugin available free or with some nominal charges which can be integrated with WordPress which extends the capabilities and features.


Sharing of information is core fundamentals of websites and blogs. WordPress supports almost all the available feeds like RDF, RSS 2.0, ATOM and podcasts.

Clean URL

WordPress allows WebPages to confirm clean URL standard and all the links, permalinks can be clean and structured to make the URL search engine friendly.

Inter-blog Communication

Pingback and Trackback features allow interblog communication and share of data. It allows you to coonect to other Blogs and other Blogs can connect to you.

Future Posting:

Future posting functionality allows to post in real time but can be published at a defined future date


Preview allows you to preview your post before posting.


WordPress allows an unfinished post or article to save in draft mode for later publishing or editing.


WordPress allows you to archive your post in a organized manner. You can archive your post in yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, category-wise or author-wise which helps you to manage post in a systematic manner.


WordPress allows visitors to search for various keywords with which they are interested. It is a prebuilt functionality and makes easier for visitors to find information.

There are many other features which come with WordPress. If you are looking to outsource your wordpress customization to India or wordpress customization outsourcing work like psd to wordpress template, wordpress content management system development, Cranberry can be your partner for wordpress designing work.