UX (User Experience) New Age Need

UX (User Experience) as the name suggests is about making your online customer have a comfortable experience on your website. It is a process before the end product is displayed on the digital platform. As UX designer it is our responsibility for giving the user an integrated experience on their website, the patter that we see on a website with the placement of chatbots, image box, icons bars are not placed randomly but are a part of well thought of the process of making user interact with each and every part of the website.

Think of a website as a product and the user experience as a service. You wouldn’t purchase a product if you are not convinced with the service same way if a website fails to provide its user with great experience it won’t be an efficient website. UX also works on the concept of Usability, as a UX designer he has to step into the user’s shoes and understand how will he react to the placement of product and how comfortable can he make his journey on the website.

At 3 Minds Digital we understand the experience design to be more consumer- centric. Designing for human comes with its challenges like accessibility, interaction, psychology and conversion. To overcome this challenge we first study the client’s requirement, go through user research, design solution, and develop an alternative. We work to produce the best of the best for our clients and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

UX design is also important for optimising the website with different devices, and the failure of this can result in to increase in the rate of bounce rate. The most important factor that User Experience plays is converting a customer into a consumer, UX design plays an important role in motivating a customer/user to serve through the website and motivate them to value experience.

UX design involves acquiring, planning and integrating product and branding aspect on your website. In today’s world where there is a rapid change in technologies in the user interface it is important for the industry player to keep up to date with this change and keep updating on the design strategy. The new emerging trends that have been incorporated for our user interface are the voice search option which helps you search for results easier and “fun” and this is exactly what UX tries to achieve which is to make consumer experience memorable.